Tickets from bus partners

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I lost my ticket(s)...


For some events, it’s possible to buy a bus ticket in combination with an entrance ticket. These combi tickets will in some cases be sold by bus partners of the event. All relevant information about orders placed via a bus partner, and how to receive your tickets can be found on this page.


- Bus vouchers will be sent by the bus partner
Entrance tickets will be sent by Paylogic, after using your voucher
- Changes or refunds, if allowed, are never processed by Paylogic

Receiving your ticket(s)

After paying for your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Your order is completed, however, you still need to follow some steps in order to receive your entrance ticket(s).

The confirmation email you received from the bus partner at least contains the following information: 

- Your personal voucher code
A link to fill in your voucher code and retrieve your entrance tickets

Once you have access to this information, you have to take the following steps:



For many events nowadays, it’s mandatory to personalize your tickets before receiving them. There are two well-known ways of personalizing tickets, depending on the event you’re attending. Both will we explained in this article.

1. Personalization through Paylogic (no account needed)
In this case you will receive a link in your confirmation email that redirects you to our website, where you can fill in the personal details of persons attending the event. Please note: You will need a different email address for every ticket to complete the personalization. You don’t need an account to personalize your tickets.

2. Personalization through the event’s website (account needed)
This process is a little more complicated than the process described above. To receive the tickets, every attendant needs to claim their own ticket through a personal account. Afterwards, all the tickets will be sent to the main buyer.

How to personalize and get your tickets as the main buyer?

Step 1: Open the email you received from Paylogic.
Click on the link in the email, which will lead you to the personalization page of the event.

Step 2:
Start personalizing your ticket.
Click on the button at the personalization page to start personalizing your ticket(s).

Step 3: Log-in with your account.
This is not the same account as you might have at Paylogic.
You have two options: log-in or create one during the process. Keep in mind that an account is mandatory to personalize your tickets.

Step 4:
Claim your ticket.
After logging in, you’ll see an overview of all tickets belonging to your order. First you need to claim ONE ticket for yourself.

Step 5:
Invite your friends.
After claiming your own ticket, return to the order overview by clicking ‘back to order’. After doing so, you can invite the other attendants to the personalization process by clicking on ‘invite’. Select ‘copy link’ to copy the personalization link, which you can send to the other attendants. It’s important that you do not send this link to other people, as this is the key to your tickets. Remember: ALL attendants need to personalize their tickets individually.

Step 6: Make sure everyone personalizes their ticket(s).
After following all the steps, you must make sure that all other attendants personalize their tickets. The quicker they do so, the sooner you will receive your ticket(s).

Step 7:
Receiving the tickets.
Once ALL tickets in the order have been personalized, the main buyer will receive them by email.


  • I used my voucher but could not complete the order, how do I get my tickets?

Your voucher is blocked for 30 minutes after an order attempt. After this period you can use it again to place a new order. Your voucher is only valid for one successful order.

  • I have not yet received a confirmation email, how do I get my tickets?

Please wait until the end of the day and also check your spam folder. If you still have not received the tickets by the end of the day and the money is taken from your account, please contact us.

  • I used the wrong email address for my order, how can I change that?

 In this case we want to ask you to contact us through our contact form. For urgent cases we advise you to also contact us by phone.