Changes or refunds

(for ticket buyers)

I lost my ticket(s)...

Refund or change request?

Did your plans change? You or your companion cannot join the event?
Did you place a double order by mistake? Or would you like to upgrade your order?

In these cases, you can request a refund or change your order.


Whether a change or cancellation is possible or not depends on the event!
Before sending a refund/change request, please check the FAQ on the festival's Official Website.

Some events offer one or several of the following options:
- Ticket transfer if ticket personalization IS NOT required: You can transfer your e-tickets to any other person.
- Ticket transfer if ticket personalization IS required: You might be able to purchase a “Name Change” to transfer your ticket to any other person.
- Upgrade: please check on the website or in the FAQ if it is possible to purchase upgrade packages.
- Some events have very strict “No cancellations / No changes” policies (unless documented medical reasons or death).


Tickets through TicketSwap

Did you order tickets through TicketSwap, and has the event been canceled? In that case, we recommend not to fill in our Refund Form. All cases will be referred to TicketSwap.

Please note: It is not guaranteed that TicketSwap will be able to help you with a refund. The organization of the event is the only party that decides about the possibilities of compensation after the cancellation of an event. Therefore, we advise you to also read carefully through the official statement of the event.

What is Refund Protection (by Booking Protect?)

Booking insurance is offered by Booking Protect. This means that Paylogic cannot exercise any influence over an insurance policy that has been taken out with Booking Protect.

Refund Protection provides a refund if a customer is unable to attend due to a number of circumstances as defined in the terms and conditions.

Booking Protect doesn’t have any information about an order that is placed by Paylogic. They can only help you if you purchased an insurance with your tickets.

It is not possible to take out booking insurance after an order has been placed. Insurance can only be purchased for some events when ordering.

Questions regarding the Refund protection can be directed at Booking Protect.

Please fill in and submit your refund application form as soon as you are aware that you will not be able to attend to the event according to the circumstances defined in the terms and conditions of Booking Protect.