(for ticket buyers)

I lost my ticket(s)...

I am having trouble downloading my ticket from the confirmation e-mail. What do I do?

It may happen that the download link fails to start the download. In this case, try clicking on the link with the right mouse button:

Then select "open link in new tab":

It is also useful to check your “Downloads” folder, your tickets might have been downloaded automatically already.

If, after following these recommendations, you are still having trouble downloading your e-ticket(s) you can always CONTACT US and we can send you a new confirmation email with an embedded download link.


I cannot print my ticket(s), what can I do?

In order to print the .pdf file that contains your tickets, you may try to do so from any computer with an updated .pdf file reader and a correctly installed printer. You may also resort to any local printing site or copy shop.


  • A4-sized prints work the best for scanning purposes at the entrance of our events and festivals. Color printing is not necessary (unless specifically mentioned in the ticket).
  • If unsuccessful, you can try converting the .pdf file to .jpg

Still, one of the advantages of some e-tickets is that they can be directly scanned from your smartphone’s screen. Therefore, you can easily display your ticket for scanning at the entrance of some of our events without having to print it out.

Notice! The barcode on the E-ticket is what matters for scanning purposes. Please make sure this is clearly visible when printing.

If you have further questions about ways of presenting your ticket(s), you can always CONTACT US. We’ll be glad to help!